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Lidice: New film, old ghosts

A conversation about last year's film Lidice and the future of Czech cinema.

A Czech war on education?

Czech Minister of Education opens another front in his struggle with universities. This time it will come to the court of justice.

Regional News Update - March 9

Review of the developments in the region in the past two weeks.

Regional News Update - Feb 12

News wrap-up from the region for the week of  6-12 February, 2012

Regional News Update - Feb 5

News update from the region, Jan 26 - Feb 5

Constitutional affairs

The new Hungarian constitution came into force on 1 January. It may be a tool to achieve historical amnesia.

The Nature of Czech Xenophobia

Rising tide of xenophobia and racist media rhetoric in the Czech Republic.

Israel, Democracy and Delegitimization

After the United Nations approved the Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict in 2009, Israel erupted in outrage over what they saw as yet another anti-Israeli declaration

Economics of Good and Evil: For and Against

The Czech version of Tomáš Sedláček’s Economics of Good and Evil was published in 2009. The first edition disappeared from the shelves in just two weeks. In its first year of publication, the book sold more than 30 thousand copies. This made it one of the top-selling titles in the country. Yes, for many months, Sedláček was doing even better than Dan Brown. And now Oxford University Press, one of the world’s premier publishing houses, has published his take on morals and economics in English.

Catching the wave of regional clean-up, or not?

Political scandals become a fashion in the Czech Republic. Do we experience a regional wave? And what possible outcomes should we expect?

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