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We are the future of Europe, says Viktor Orban

When we lose, we stay. And we will return.

– excerpts from a private speech by Viktor Orban.


Last week, I had occasion to meet with Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban at a business seminar in Budapest, where I was presenting a lecture on the neurological effects of technology.  Mr. Orban, who has been criticized for his tactics of nationalization, gave us a short private talk. No press was present. He appeared secure and confident (as he usually does); his speech is notable for his perspective and has many candid and notable points. Here are direct excerpts:


To start out, let me talk about politicians. When Western politicians lose elections, they do not return to politics but go into business.  However, if we lose, we stay in politics. We will return. This is my mission in European politics.

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Miloš Zeman : from president to patient

The author is an Attending Professor of Neurology at the Yale School of Medicine, publisher of Přítomnost and of this magazine.

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