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On demolition, power of money, and official stamps

The media has recently informed about the possible demolition of three buildings. All of these buildings have something in common – their architectural significance and futile attempts to get them on a certain list.

Arrivals and Departures of Jacob Aue Sobol

Danish photographer Jacob Aue Sobol presents his cycle entitled “Arrivals and Departures: Moscow – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing” in Prague’s Leica Gallery.

Běla Kolářová (accompanied by Tomáš Vaněk)

The exhibition in Prague´s Fotograf Gallery presented a set of works from the end of the 50´s and the beginning of the 60´s gathered into a single private collection.

Antonín Kratochvíl's Homelands

Antonín Kratochvíl's exhibition, entitled Homelands, was held at Prague's Leica Gallery up until September 9. lt was prepared by photo editor Scott Thode from Kratochvíl's home agency Vll. Thode summarized his approach to Kratochvíl's work in this way: "Homeland was never meant to be taken in any literal way. l was more interested in the concept of  'Home' as opposed to 'Home' as a literal place... search for home and the meaning of what it is to live outside of your roots".


Jan Koblasa’s Retrospective

Jan Koblasa’s retrospective in the Riding School at Prague Castle ended at the end of July. After 21 long years we could see a broad range of work of one of the most significant authors who, due to the Russian occupation in 1968, spent most of his life as an emigre.

Geometer of peripheries

Photographer Jan Reich did not live to see the large retrospective of his photographs at Prague Castle. His work was closely connected to Prague and the Czech landscape and you could see it in the Theresian Wing of the Old Royal Palace until August 19, 2012. Unfortunately, the exhibition does not go along the author’s perfectionism mostly due to its unavailing concept. An excessive number of exhibited photographs turns the gourmet experience into a needlessly protracted feast.

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