David Vichnar


Franz Kafka ist tot

Open letter to the Prague literary establishment.

First you lose yourself... order to become whole? A sneak preview of Louis Armand's The Combinations in 8 Moves.

UFOs under the river...

...or a cabal of madmen? A sneak preview of Louis Armand's The Combinations in 8 Moves.

The “European anti-novel”, Part II

The secret dualiam of good & evil, through the revelation of eternal symmetries.

The “European anti-novel”, Part I

Criminal subversion of the state in collusion with foreigh agents. A sneak preview of Louis Armand's monumental new novel The Combinations.

Faut-il brûler Kafka?

David Vichnar reviews Georges Bataille´s Louis XXX.

Experimentalism, Part III

One of the highlights of 2013 for Equus Press has been the publication of George Bataille's Louis XXX (trans. Stuart Kendall).

Experimentalism 2

Translocal writing can be best defined as one created outside of its native emplacement and concerned with dwelling, identity, and place as experiences of writing.


One of the trademarks of “experimental” fiction, both recent and ancient, is its backlash against the label “experimental.” Part I of the article.

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