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Pozorovatelé, kteří příliš pozorují

Separatisté v Doněcku na východě Ukrajiny organizují protesty proti pozorovatelské misi OBSE. Ta totiž prý hlásí přílišný počet obětí na životech, způsobených právě separatisty. Celkem podle bylo v oblasti bojů RFE/RL od dubna 2014 zabito již 9300 lidí.

Mise OBSA čítá 580 neozbrojených pozorovatelů. Separatisté přitom zorganizovali protesty proti přítomnosti ozbrojené mise. Ta se ovšem nekoná.

Když už někdo pozabíjí takovou spoustu lidí (jistě, separatisté je nezabili všechny - jen jich zabili hodně), asi nebude chtít, aby ho u toho někdo další pozoroval.


Towards the structuring of a minimum coalition

On Czech election and the invention of a radically post-structural democracy.

Those Wondrous Election Days

At the third attempt the Czechs finally achieved the impossible: to elect some candidates yet not to elect anyone.

Why this War?

Syria is to be bombed. According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the West lacks a consistent strategy towards Syria and the Middle East. Let´s look into the why´s and try to formulate them.

The farce of a government (not) breaking-up again

No power can possibly force the Czech government to resign if they want to keep their posts. Not even the demise of one of the parties forming it.

How to deal with the state failing: Euthanasia

Honduras might become the first former colony willingly getting rid off its territorial sovereignty since the times of decolonisation.

A Czech war on education?

Czech Minister of Education opens another front in his struggle with universities. This time it will come to the court of justice.

The farce of a government (not) breaking-up again

No power can possibly force the Czech government to resign if they want to keep their posts. Not even the demise of one of the parties forming it.

Turning Red?

Communists are emerging once again in the Czech Republic, not only as an opposition to the current system but also as a significant power inside it.

The new president seems to be frightening

Short comment regarding the overwhelming wawe of contempt in the Czech media towards the new President.

The sound of silence and the new nationalism

On the occasion of the 17th of November commemoration the Czechs could also hear their President, attempting to interpret or rather to misuse the historical content of the event.

The Slavic Atomic

The Czech President has been known for his distaste for the European Union and recently also for his nuclear preferences. There may be quite freezing reasons for both of his choices.

Big trouble with little islands

China has started a big game for a few little islands and as usual it is China again who´s many turns ahead. Is it still possible for the others to finish the game with honor?

Suffering the suffrage: The Presidental candidates

In 2013, the Czech Republic is going to experience its first presidental election. Although the media might find amusement in talking about the weird collection of candidates for some time, it is rather probable that general suffrage will mean election like any other.

Do you please the colonels or rather the clowns?

Some of them fear a police state. The others are fighting off a coup from the colonels. In an exemplary way.

Safe harbor, ahoy!

This week, during questions to government in Parliament, Prime Minister Nečas called the Czech Republic a safe harbor in the rough seas of the financial crisis.

Still Europeans?

In present conditions the political development in Europe may head towards further integration. And that doesn´t have to include every nation.

Catching the wave of regional clean-up, or not?

Political scandals become a fashion in the Czech Republic. Do we experience a regional wave? And what possible outcomes should we expect?

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