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Intellectual paths in central Europe

How can intellectuals of central Europe maintain their moral principles and independence, yet support democracy, in an age when the region is again traversing a rocky road paved with nationalism and populism?

Momentous ‘eights’ in Czecho-Slovak history

Et n’oublions pas le Goofus Bird, oiseau qui vole en arrière car il ne se soucie pas de savoir où il va, mais d’où il vient. (J. L. Borges, Le livre des êtres imaginaires.)

Please, start taking pro-Kremlin disinformation seriously

Open Letter by European Security Experts to President of the European Commission J. C. Juncker and High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.



Russia´s post-invasion trauma

From the Friday´s Fleet Sheet Edition.

The Stupidification of Democracy Has Spilled into the Czech Lands

A Czech journalist Jan Urban gives thoughts on the current post-modern political reality (not only) in the Czech Republic, reminding us on the principles of democracy. "One of the best analysis I have read in years" Martin Jan Stránský, publisher of The New Presence.

China Seeks Influence in Europe, One Business Deal at a Time

Czech president Milos Zeman and his baffling policy towards China under scrutiny of NY Times.

Czech/o/Slovak democracy: 30 years in the making

Although they no longer share a state, the two countries face similar problems: political corruption and a crisis of confidence in political leadership. 

With Russians Feeling Besieged, Some Give Putin a Loaded Title: Vozhd

Vozhd literally means leader, but in politics it is inextricably linked with the personality cult of Joseph Stalin.

Investigative journalist killed in his house

Ján Kuciak was writing about tax frauds in Slovakia.

Rewriting Russian History

A battle for the future shape of Russia's education system is under way.

Will Russia retain its key ally in Prague?

Kremlin Watch Briefing on Czech presidential gambit.


The America Europe needs right now is missing

A blog on countering Russian influence abroad by Anne Applebaum.

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