David Bartoň


Red with a touch of brown

What is the fascism that was not removed, but seems to have thrived after the Second World War?

The Other Kyjov/Gaya

After Kyjov we walked arm in arm? Damn, damn, what were people saying? (R. Jičín, Beneath the Sun of Ludibrionism)

A reform to improve cramming

What to do and what will be done with Czech education? An interview with Daniel Kroupa, Czech politician and philosopher.

Monopolising world interpretation

If we listened to Tomáš Sedláček's new book we would start listening to other voices besides those of economists.

Political Animal

Pavel Vošický exhibits his Patapolitical comix in the MeetFactory till the 18th of November.

Less is a bore* and more too

Until the end of September you‘ll have an opportunity to meet the Jagiellonian Europe of the dawn of modernity in Kutná Hora. Unfortunately, it’s not the only illuminating exhibition Václav Klaus will surely not come to see!

Pussy Jesus Riot

Russian heathendom and a Punk Christ.


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