Czech Politics

Turning Red?

Communists are emerging once again in the Czech Republic, not only as an opposition to the current system but also as a significant power inside it.

The farce of a government (not) breaking-up again

No power can possibly force the Czech government to resign if they want to keep their posts. Not even the demise of one of the parties forming it.

Communist threat in the Czech Republic

Following the election results there was quite an uproar both in the Czech Republic and the surrounding countries. Because of that the notion of the communist triumf needs to be put into a more realistic light.

Stagnation in 2012 Czech foreign policy

The Czech Republic undoubtedly faces challenges that arise more from developments in domestic rather than foreign policy. Nonetheless, this offers no justification for key actors to simply give up on the formulation of a Czech position on contemporary global problems.

International Media Coverage and the Czech Election

Milos Zeman is the new president of the Czech Republic, and about sixty-six percent of Prague voters and an even larger proportion of young voters are pissed. Zeman represents to many the continuation of a dysfunctional plutocracy disguised as “free-market” conservatism. His election campaign was recognized as repugnant in its xenophobia and implantation of underhanded misinformation regarding his opponent to essentially scare or enrage conservative, rural voters into electing him.

The Pearl of Europe is going west

The new president Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic can already be seen to desire to guide the young democracy in a new direction from his two predecessors. He has already expressed a desire to have a primarily left-wing cabinet. His first meeting with the government over foreign policy objectives was expected to be tense, went rather smoothly; reaching an accord on many unsettled issues. 

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