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Initially the website featured exclusive translations of articles from our Czech mother version Přítomnost, which is now the leading analytical magazine in the Czech Republic (
Over time, the number of English-language sources that cover the Czech and regional press has grown. As such, this website archives key articles, past and present, that focus on key central European issues.
Additionally, from time to time, we do post reprints of current articles from other sources, which we feel are unique and important in understanding this region.
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Watch Two Teenagers Try to Dial a Number on an Ancient Rotary Phone

The four minute challenge in Kevin Bumstead's video, had the teenagers stumped and confused.


Give some younger people access to some older technology, have them try to figureout how to use it, and you are sure to create your own comedy special.

In a viral video posted by Kevin Bumstead on Youtube, two teenagers try to crack the mysterious code of the elusive and ancient rotary phone.

See also: What Are Rotary Dial Phones and How Do They Work?

For the uninitiated and the young, rotary phones are what older people used to use before the emergence of smartphones or even wireless phones. 

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