The “full truth” is unobtainable

Ideal journalist characteristics by John Lloyd.

The Devil Goes House-Shopping And The Church Finds Him a Home

So what is the upshot for the devil, now that he’s homeless?

Don’t Touch My Hair

Being a person of color in Prague.

Less Euromaidan, More Gamergate

Once considered a boon to democracy, social media have started to look like its nemesis.

Has Freedom Lost Its Ground in Prague?

Commemorating the 1989 Velvet Revolution: Czechs are no longer 
as free to protest, as they think.

How is Facebook Changing Your Reality?

A New York Times documentary sums it up.

Taking Obesity off the Menu in the Czech Republic

In 2013, the Czech Republic, the world's biggest consumer of beer per capita, was also the fattest country in Europe.

Unwelcome at Home

While Prague is home to immigrant communities from countries like Nigeria and Vietnam, the mostly homogenous city remains stubbornly unwelcoming.

The Prague Moment

… the beautiful engineers are all dead, the secret technicians conspire for their own glamour in the Future… – Allen Ginsberg, “Král Majáles,” 7 May, 1965

Does Free Tuition Work?

In the Czech Republic, education is, for the most part, free. For many students, particularly those in the United States, the idea of attending university tuition-free is a dream.

Media bias, past, present, and future

The manipulation of bias is a local problem that operates on a global scale. Nowhere is this more evident than in media.

Interview with Jacques Rossi

"I had no free time – I was participating in the world revolution!"

A Question of Dignity

Moving the pig farm from the site of the Lety concentration camp.

Six different types of Czechs

Summary of a survey’s findings.

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