World Politics

China Seeks Influence in Europe, One Business Deal at a Time

Czech president Milos Zeman and his baffling policy towards China under scrutiny of NY Times.

We refugees

A famous text by Arendt from 1943. 

With Russians Feeling Besieged, Some Give Putin a Loaded Title: Vozhd

Vozhd literally means leader, but in politics it is inextricably linked with the personality cult of Joseph Stalin.

Investigative journalist killed in his house

Ján Kuciak was writing about tax frauds in Slovakia.

How Putin meddles in Western Democracies

And why the West’s response is inadequate.

Rewriting Russian History

A battle for the future shape of Russia's education system is under way.

The America Europe needs right now is missing

A blog on countering Russian influence abroad by Anne Applebaum.

China gets a new system to curb corruption — and ideological lapses

The Communist Party gives itself more policing and judicial powers.

Leading or Menacing?

Trump-Putin alliance could spell disaster for former eastern bloc.

First steps in the Hague

Russia is at war with Ukraine and is occupying its territory, the International Criminal Court ruled.

Three fingers of a crippled hand

Hungary: an oligarch, the media and the government.

China in Africa: lessons for Europe

Chinese infiltration into Africa is important, since in the long-term, it will be far more successful.

Russian Messianism

I recently spoke to a long-time friend, who is a ‘Putin sympathiser’.

The Russian Ambassador doesn’t apologise

Demanding an explanation from an ambassador is usually a sign of distrust. The Russian ambassador in Prague was not really disturbed by this fact.

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