World Politics

Three fingers of a crippled hand

Hungary: an oligarch, the media and the government.

China in Africa: lessons for Europe

Chinese infiltration into Africa is important, since in the long-term, it will be far more successful.

Russian Messianism

I recently spoke to a long-time friend, who is a ‘Putin sympathiser’.

The Russian Ambassador doesn’t apologise

Demanding an explanation from an ambassador is usually a sign of distrust. The Russian ambassador in Prague was not really disturbed by this fact.

Immigration and Europe’s Limitations

Humanitarian crisis is a hot topic. Politicians, various activists, but also ordinary citizens are rightly pressuring for something to be done. But what?

One Day can Change a Country

The Netherland’s relationship with Russia drastically changed after July 17th, 2014, when the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down.

Europe descending to war

Vladimir Putin identified himself and his own image as that of Russia.

The Parts Are Greater than the Sum

Chapter II of the book Chop Shop, The Deconstruction of America.

Conned by Neocons on my way to writing an article

Writers love metaphor and in one case I loved mine too dearly.

Chop Shop Theory

Chapter I of the book Chop Shop, The Deconstruction of America.

The Death-Spiral of the Obama Presidency

Transparency was Obama’s campaign promise and the National Security Agency’s secret spying exposed the presidential reality. And there is more.

Echoes of “Peace in our Time?”

Are We Hearing Echoes of Germany's 1936 Olympics and Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in our Time?"

Fooled Again? False security premised on less democracy and more war

Why can’t the U.S. produce any evidence against the alleged evildoer du jour? What does this suggest?

Why this War?

Syria is to be bombed. According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the West lacks a consistent strategy towards Syria and the Middle East. Let´s look into the why´s and try to formulate them.

Who’s Zooming Who? The Real Story of the Prism Program

It´s about power – who’s got it, and how they are using and abusing it. It is the story of the use and abuse of information, law, technology, and media.

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