Prague’s history of the past 70 years

Prague’s history of the past 70 years:

a “system” of competing entropies abolishing any sense of a singularly defined territory, the “consolatory faith” in a progression towards that X which marks our ultimate locatedness in the “scheme of things” (the fabled clean break from communism, the “liberation” from the Nazis, independence from the Hapsburg bureaucratic miasma, etc.). In that palimpsest of “grey theories” and “dead principles,” there is always the alibi of obfuscation. Destinies always come and go. The beacon on the hill is whatever it can be made to seem to be.

Join us for the launch of ABOLISHING PRAGUE: ESSAYS AND INTERVENTIONS, edited by Louis Armand, published by Litteraria Pragensia Books. With contributions by Vit Bohal ( Jim Stein), Dustin Breitling, Robert Carrithers, Michel Delville, Vadim Erent, Ian Mikyska, Karen Pearlman, Bonita Rhoads, Benjamin Tallis, Holly Tavel, & David Vichnar ( Cafe Souterrain, Belehradska 82, Prague 2

DAY & TIME: Monday Nov 24, 7 pm

Reading list TBA. Musical performance by „The Simple Lifes”, an eclectic mélange of musicians from various Prague-based bands coming together for an improptu evening of improvisation. Their grounding in jazz, noise, classical composition, and the surreal sound of noughties Youtube clamour makes for a musical cocktail which leaves no one sober, and only some angry and belligerent. How hip are YOU? (b,d,g,s).

published: 22. 11. 2014

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22. 11. 2014
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Equus Press