Wuchterlova 535/5

The monumental congregational church in Prague-Dejvice was designed by Jiří Stibral and built by Alois Zima between 1925 and 1927. Combining religious, educational and residential functions, the building today continues to serve as the headquarters of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church* (Církev československá husitská), whose founder and first patriarch, Karel Farský, died here in 1927, a year before the official dedication of the church.

The church’s interior is particularly striking, with a ribbed ceiling inspired by that of the original gothic Vladislav Hall in Prague Castle.

The present-day picture of the reformed church in the Czech lands is fragmented and complex; although the foundations were laid by Jan Hus and his followers, there are today many separately-defined protestant and evangelical movements. Details of the main protestant confessions can be found here.

Published by the Prague Vitruvius.

published: 11. 6. 2017

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11. 6. 2017
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Alex Went