Rewriting Russian History

Below is an experpt from an article written by Dagmara Moskwa on Eurozine:

“In 2015 the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany was celebrated in grand style. During that time, a larger than usual number of Stalin monuments was erected in several cities especially in south-western parts of the country upon the proposal of the communist party. The communists’ call came after a 2014 law passed by the Duma introduced a criminal penalty for rehabilitating Nazism and criticising Soviet activities during the Second World War. The law stipulates up to five years in prison for ‘lying about history’. Similar steps have been taken with regards to teaching history in schools.”

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Published on Eurozine on January 19, 2018

published: 10. 2. 2018

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10. 2. 2018
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Vydavatelství M. J. Stránského