Today’s Russia: State-controlled Lies, All Lies

The Russian Federation has been using different ways to influence the domestic affairs of European countries and manipulate Russian public opinion. Russian state channels are flagship tools for both of these endeavours, regularly presenting its audience with disinformation and conspiracy theories. They use specific methods and techniques to twist the image of the West and manipulate their viewers.

In order to provide comprehensive evidence of such activities, the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, in cooperation with the European Values Think-Tank, prepared two videos, showing how the events of the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the United Kingdom and the shooting down of the MH17 airplane. In the following weeks, a third video will be published as well, showing the coverage that has been focused on the threatening Nord Stream II project were all distorted by Russian channels.

“Research of narratives as a key element of disinformation system carefully constructed by Kremlin demonstrates their development and application both in space and time,” says Liubov Tsybulska Head of Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group

Complimentary to the videos, we would also like to introduce to you two infographic materials, explaining how the Russian narratives regarding the shooting down of the MH17 airplane evolved in time and which manipulative methods have been used during the coverage of the assassination attempt of Sergei Skripal.

The primary goal of the produced materials is not only to be shared amongst the wider public, but also to provide a better and more comprehensive idea about how the West is portrayed by Russian state channels to policy-makers and decision-makers.

“The necessary information about the Kremlin’s influence operations is already out there, but in other to bridge the gap towards specific measures to be taken against it, we need to provide the digested information to the people who are able to take those steps,” says Veronika Víchová, Analyst and Coordinator of the Kremlin Watch Program of the European Values Think-Tank.

We would like to encourage you to share them with your peers, colleagues and anyone who might find this information relevant.


European Values Think-Tank

Ukraine Crisis Media Center

The two videos can be found behind the following links, respectively: Skripal case, MH17.

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published: 13. 6. 2019

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13. 6. 2019
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