Why I started avoiding Russian speaking employers in EU

My personal story - how the Ukrainian economic migrants are treated in the EU and why.

Why do we (still) use the crown?

Czech monetary history reveals ties to the monarchy with one very important feature: the currency.


Can the "Golden City" reclaim its financial lure of the past?

Keeping the Crown (CZK) benefits banks only

For the Czech Republic, rejection of the Euro results in a willingly tolerated tax, which is to a greater or lesser extent, included in all domestic prices.

The Czech republic’s Contentious Road to Energy

A long-term energy plan has been elusive for some time in the Czech Republic. The struggle to find a suitable energy plan comes down to politics.

Mario Draghi and his European Central Bank take a Wrong Turn in Europe

Draghi, the European Central Bank president, is trying to sell ‘quantitative easing’ as the cure for Europe’s structural illness.

The Slavic Atomic

The Czech President has been known for his distaste for the European Union and recently also for his nuclear preferences. There may be quite freezing reasons for both of his choices.

How to deal with the state failing: Euthanasia

Honduras might become the first former colony willingly getting rid off its territorial sovereignty since the times of decolonisation.

The brief and wondrous life of solar energy development

Drastic shifts in solar energy legislation after the 2009 boom squelched development and forced a standstill within the industry, leaving investors in disarray.

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